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Maison d'école

Maison d'école du rang Cinq-Chicots (1903)

This school was built in 1903 and welcomed children until 1959. Since 1988, it has become a life interpretation center of the Quebec former schoolhouse. In addition to the permanent collection, you can also visit the annual thematic exhibition.

Musée Laurier

Musée Laurier (1876)

Built in 1876, the Laurier Museum offers a permanent exhibition on the life and political career of Wilfrid Laurier as well as temporary exhibitions focusing on politics and history.

Historic Monument of Quebec (1989) and National Historic Site of Canada (2000)


  • Education at the time of Laurier (23 April to 20 December). An excursion into the world of education in the 19th century.
  • Christmas cribs from here and elsewhere
Hôtel des postes 6

Musée de l'Hôtel des Postes (1910)

The Pavillon Hôtel des Postes (1910) is well suited for the presentation of visual art exhibitions, two floors are devoted to it. Exhibitions:

  • 19th edition of the Spring of contemporary art (March 20 to May 24, 2015)
  • Fifty villages in Quebec - Quebec villages seen by fifty artists (June 4 to September 27, 2015)
  • Pastel drawing and watercolor - Madeleine Lemire and two other artists (8 October to 13 December 2015)
  • Once upon a time ... a post office. Permanent exhibition relating a post office in the early twentieth century.
Église St-Christ. int.

Église Saint-Christophe (1873)

Historical monument of Quebec, this beautiful church in Romanesque style stone was built in 1873. You can admire a Casavant organ, paintings by Joseph-Thomas Rousseau, painter and decorator, and some decorations that would be the work of Suzor-Coté. The temple also has beautiful stained glass and remarkable statues including one of St-Christopher, classified as "Cultural Property in Quebec."

A major monument of our religious heritage.

Visite cimetières (Crédit photo : N. Shaink)

Cemeteries visit

Discover with a passionate guide, the beauty of the headstones and monuments of the region as well as their symbols (angels, crosses, flowers, etc.). An original way to visit the cemeteries while valuing our heritage and rediscovering a little-known chapter of our history. The visit may include a character or not, depending on time available.

Musée des outils anciens

Musée des outils anciens, St-Rémi-de-Tingwick

Discover one of the largest collections of old tools in Canada. A guided tour and thematic workshops that will bring all kinds of memories for seniors or story lessons for young people. You may bring your meal or snacks ! Vending machine and microwave oven available.

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