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Sustainable development

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Maison recyclée

Maison "recyclée" des artisans du rebut global

The "recycled" house was built in 2004. This house is completely built from recycled materials. Assisted by a guide, make the amazing discovery of the various materials used in its construction.
Cascades 2

Cascades...Green by nature

Learn about the recycling processes in industry and the manufacturing methods of various paper products with the guided tour of Cascades in action! Finish your visit by seeing the Alain Lemaire Solar Park. A gift is offered at the exit of the course.

City Tour "Victoriaville, cradle of sustainable development"

Discover the history of the city and its initiatives in recycling and environmental respect.
Écovillage 2015

Écovillage La Cité Écologique

Discover a lifestyle in harmony with the environment. Organic products, ecological clothing, etc ...

The Cité Écologique has been promoting organic farming for over 30 years. Located in the largest ecovillage in Quebec, it offers a visitor experience quite unique! Production of fruits and vegetables for the members of the ecovillage and local markets. An ecovillage is a community project that puts into practice the four dimensions of sustainable development : social, environmental, economic and cultural. The Cité Écologique integrates each of its components in all its activities and businesses.

Tourisme Victoriaville et sa région
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