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Victoriaville and its region a paradise for birds!

Direction November 17, 2019 : 15 000 geese have been seen at the réservoir! Also many species of ducks, gulls and  birds of prey...

Take a look at our Facebook rejoingnez-nous for the last observations and great photos!

Each fall "Victoriaville and its region" welcomes thousands of Snow Geese at the Réservoir Beaudet, just to take a little rest and eat well before their departure to the east coast of the United States.

Did you know that a symposium of ornithological art was taking place at the Réservoir Beaudet when the migration was at its peak?

Did you know that over 268 bird species were listed at the Réservoir Beaudet?

Did you know that 6 recognized bird watching sites where available in Victoriaville and surroundings?

 Les oiseaux du réservoir cover  Victo et ses oiseaux cover  AU PAYS DES OISEAUX COVER

6 bird watching sites

Oies et photographes   Mont Arthabaska
Terre des jeunes GS   PMV GS
Boisé des frères oiseaux GS   Étang Burbank GS





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Tourisme Victoriaville et sa région
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